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Who we are

CBII is brought to you by global wellness leader Health & Happiness Group, where our mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives. Not just by promoting human wellbeing, but by being environmentally conscious. This is why we are proud to be part of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, completing its first carbon footprint evaluation process and offsetting all Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions through offset projects.

Who we are - CBII CBD Who we are - CBII CBD

In a market where all kinds of different CBD products are rapidly becoming available, we realised it was getting harder for consumers to separate high quality products from untested, poor quality ones. We wanted to use our extensive expertise to create a premium CBD oil made to the highest standards, and relied on to deliver the maximum benefit possible at the approved strengths.

Working with Linnea Switzerland, we began a trademarked, chemical free extraction process that protects the natural integrity of the oil. Adapted from the same method used by apothecaries for thousands of years. 100% carbon neutral and environmentally friendly, it was important to us to protect not just the plant's natural properties, but the earth that it came from. Our third party testing also ensures the strictest quality control so only the purest oil is approved to be bottled.

Once we had perfected the extraction method and testing, and - of course - found the perfect tincture bottles, we launched CBII in December 2019.

Who we are - CBII CBD Who we are - CBII CBD

“Right now, everyone should be taking CBD to support their wellness, so they don’t actually make themselves ill as a result. It’s a great tool for wellness"

Mary Biles - Leading European-based medical cannabis writer                     

Mary Biles - Leading European-based medical cannabis writer                     


Since its legalisation in the UK in 2017 and parts of the US, a whole new generation have discovered the uses and benefits of CBD oil. In today's busy world, we believe that we need to take care of our mental and physical well being more than ever. From spending more time in the natural world, to harnessing its benefits mindfully and sustainably.

At CBII, we're helping to reintroduce this ancient oil to our busy, modern lifestyles, providing education and high-quality products you can trust. With our range of full spectrum products rooted in science, we are working to educate, simplify and demystify CBD to help you choose CBII with confidence.

What makes CBII different?

Our oil is sourced from the Cannabis sativa L. plant, so unlike many other oils, CBII is a full spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains all forms of cannabinoids from the plant. This results in what is considered to be a higher-quality oil that works more effectively to support our body's natural endocannabinoid system.

With our controlled, environmentally friendly agricultural and cultivation methods (GACP), gentle extraction practices and extensive scientific testing, we set high standards to ensure only the best quality oil reaches our bottles. So you can feel at ease choosing any of our products.

Read more about our quality guarantee, here.

Our Credentials

Legally Sourced Hemp
GMO Free
Third Party Tested For CBD Content
Vegan CBD Oil
Full Spectrum CBD (<0.2% THC)
Recyclable Packaging

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