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All Things CBD

Are you curious about CBD? If you’re looking to increase your quality of life by beginning your CBD journey with CBII, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re talking how to take CBD, when to take it and other burning questions on the topic of our much-loved wellness warrior.


Why is CBD so popular?

CBD has burst into the public eye in a big way recently, and it’s not surprising when you consider all the anecdotal evidence of it being used to enhance wellbeing from the inside out. As the use of CBD oil has been destigmatised and dissociated from recreational cannabis consumption, more people are turning to it and noticing benefits from its use on a daily basis.

How do you take CBII CBD oil?

To take CBII CBD oil, place the drops under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. For information on the recommended intake per mL, please check the packaging and read our blog.

Are all CBD oil products the same?

The market is flooded with unreputable CBD products offering ‘high strength’ through dubious products. The better CBD oil products are full spectrum as they contain the complete extract from the natural plant with terpenes and cannabinoids. Look for CBD oil that comes from legally grown non-GMO hemp plants, promises world-class manufacturing processes and has been independently tested with a third-party Certificate of Analysis, like CBII.


What does CBD oil taste like?

Unflavoured CBD oil has a distinctly herbal, earthy taste. If you prefer to hide the taste, you could take your CBD oil with food, however we recommend not diluting it and applying it directly under your tongue for best results.

What is the best time to take CBD oil?

There’s no set rule, so try different times and situations and see what works for you. We usually recommend taking CBII twice a day, directly under the tongue or with food – but not with caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee, as these potential interactions and effects between these substances needs further research.

Can CBD be taken with any other medicine?

If you are taking any medication and are concerned, we recommend discussing the suitability of CBD with your healthcare professional prior to starting your CBD journey.

Who can use CBD?

CBII CBD oils are designed for people from all walks of life. However, CBD is not suitable for children or people under the age of 18 or recommend for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people suffering from low blood pressure or taking any other medication. If you’re in any doubt, please consult a healthcare professional for advice.

How old do you have to be to use CBD?

CBII products are suitable for people over the age of 18.

Does CBD oil expire?

The shelf life of CBD oil is relatively long - 30 months for CBII. We recommend storing your products in a cool dry place away from any moisture. Like most products, over time they lose their potency, so best not to use your CBII after the expiry date.

Why is CBD oil so expensive?

As with many other supplements, usually the higher the quality, the higher the price tag. Much relies on the method of extraction, testing methods utilised to quantify CBD content and the quality of the plant used. However, high price doesn’t always mean high reward. The popularity of CBD oil has led to an influx of ‘CBD cowboys’ trying to make a quick profit with low quality CBD oil advertised as high strength. Always do your research to ensure you’re choosing a CBD brand you can trust.


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