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CBD as nature intended

Are you curious about CBD oil? Feel the difference for yourself with our premium CBD drops in an easy-to-take liquid format for soothing relief from morning through night.

Our full spectrum CBD oil is extracted in Switzerland using a gentle and trademarked ethanol extraction method and bottled in the UK for CBD oil you can enjoy with confidence.

As part of our commitment to demystify CBD, we've answered your most frequently asked questions around our premium CBD drops. 

Which CBD oil should I choose?

There's no set recipe when it comes to CBD dosage. You simply have to experiment until you find your personal sweet spot. That's why our premium oil range includes three different CBD doses for you to taste, test and experience the difference.

Begin your CBD journey with the CBII Discovery Oil. This 10-day supply contains 250mg of CBD - the perfect size to get you started when it comes to encouraging a restful sleep and a feel-good sense of calm.

If you're looking to step up your intake, try our 750mg or 1500mg oils for additional value.

How to take CBD oil

The most effective way to take CBII oil is to place one half or full dropper (0.5mL - 1mL) under your tongue and hold for 20 seconds before swallowing.

Adjust your amount and repeat 2-3 times daily as needed. It's good to take CBII at the same time every day for your first week as part of a daily routine. We suggest early in the day or in the evening just before bedtime.

Because everyone is different, slowly build your dosage to find the right balance and benefit for mind and body. Try keeping a journal to track the results.

Why buy CBII CBD oil?

Our CBD oil is extracted from the Cannabis sativa L. plant using a trademarked, gentle and sustainable extraction process to ensure that our CBD products are closer to nature.

We pride ourselves on working with only the best producers and partners in science and CBD research to ensure that we can bring you the best quality CBD possible.

After all, we believe a better quality CBD oil is vital for supporting a better quality of life.

Still curious? 

As the CBD industry is still so young, the topic can be confusing for those new to CBD oil.

Check out our FAQs for other customer’s frequently asked questions or feel free to get in touch with us directly at uscustomerservice@cbii-cbd.com and we’ll answer any concerns or queries you may have. Our experts are here to help.


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